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  • Hello,

    I would like to ask you if you know how to change the maximum url length.I found an article on the internet  ( but defines.h doesn' t exist.I am using Squid version 3.5.27 and Squidguard 1.4.I am using pfsense as a proxy server.I am waiting for your response.

    Thank you in advance.

  • defines.h is a header file used during a compile of squid's source code.  If you need this then you're going to have to spin up your own server, compile squid from source and use that instead of pfSense squid.

    You have URLs longer than 8KB????

  • An outsourcing coordinator has a 36KB url and i am trying to find a solution.
    Can you help me with the procedure?Is that could be a security issue?

  • Can you help me with the procedure?

    No.  It has nothing to do with pfSense.  While I have compiled squid from source before on Ubuntu, that was a few years ago.  Perhaps I was unclear.  When I said you would need to spin up your own server, I was talking about a Linux box for instance, not another pfSense.  Compile squid form source on a Linux box and then use that squid.

    Is that could be a security issue?

    Nothing to do with security.

    A better solution might be to allow this specific user to go around the proxy.

    As the squid page notes, this has only been tested up to 32K and your URL is 36K, so it may not even work.

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