ALIX.2D : Installation of 2.3.5

  • Trying to setup at least pfsense-2.3.5 32bit on 2 old ALIX.2D boards (v0.99h) for testing HA-stuff.

    They don't boot from USB stick and I don't find a boot menu or so.
    I wrote pfSense-CE-memstick-serial-2.3.5-RELEASE-i386.img.gz to CF card directly, that boots, but it can't install from/to itself, right?  ;)

    I am currently a bit confused: is there a way to set that up, what am I missing here?
    Many howtos online are obsolete now that nanobsd is deprecated etc …
    thanks ...

  • There are still nano images for 2.3.5. Write the nano image to a CF and boot from that.

  • Sorry for not seeing this obvious solution  ::) // thank you

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