ALL DNS over WAN???

  • HI there everyone.

    New pfSense setup at home. Verizon Fios Gig Internet, ExpressVPN via OpenVPN.

    Interfaces Include:

    I'm trying to get ALL dns to go out the WAN interface. I have all dns going through the VPN but it's blocking sites my wife needs to get to (mostly shopping site, Target, Macy's, Bloomingdales are the ones I remember/Test with). So now I need to get ALL DNS requests to go over the WAN so we don't get blocked by certain sites. All LAN traffic is going over the VPN.

    I'm using DNS Reslover not DNS Forwarder and have 4 DNS servers setup in RULES -> GENERAL set to go out the WAN_DHCP Interface.

    I have been playing with setting for the past 2 days but for the life of me I can get it right.

    How do I pass ALL DNS traffic out the WAN interface?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Set outgoing interface to WAN in Resolver settings.

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