HELP! pfsense (Zotac N3150) stuck in boot loop after issues with UPS

  • My pfsense appears to be stuck in a boot loop.  I was (am) having issues with my UPS (it just constantly switches from DC to battery backup for no reason), I replaced the batteries and when I plugged everything back in I accidentally plugged the pfsense box into the "Surge" port and not the "Surge + Battery" one.  As I was continuing to troubleshoot why the UPS kept randomly switching back and forth from DC to Battery backup, the pfsense box restarted a few times.  I heard the chime that signifies it booted up successfully at least once but at some point that stopped happening.

    I plugged a VGA cable into the pfsense box (a Zotac N3150) and it goes through a significant amount of boot "code" before the screen goes black, the box beeps, and the whole process starts over again.  I've attached a screenshot of a video I shot of the screen right before the boot sequence restarts itself (I apologize for the jankiness, but I don't know how else to get that info off there).

    In case you can't read it, the last paragraph starts with:Tracing command kernel pid 0 tid 100066 td...and ends with```
    Textdump complete
    cpu_reset: Restarting BSP
    cpu_reset_proxy: Stopped CPU 1</db:0:kdb.enter.default>

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there any extra info that would be beneficial to anyone to help troubleshoot? Thanks in advance!

  • Saved a recent conf? I'd re-install from scratch then load back up conf.

  • Yeah…. About that.....I am near positive I have one (though probably not THAT recent) but it's not in the folder I'd expect it in Dropbox.  I'll keep working on finding it but let's say I really screwed the pooch, any other possible remedies?  The boot sequence starts with a ton of options I can choose, certainly something in there can delivery me from router purgatory?

    If not, is there a how-to on how to best restore? Or is it just the standard installation instructions? (It's been a while...)

    edit: Can't seem to find the backup and just got a new computer.  I'll double check that computer but I'm not optimistic.  Is there anything I can do during the boot sequence or command line? some check disk or something?  anything in single user mode?

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