Firewall resolving DNSBL IP address on VLANs

  • I currently have a network setup in the following manner:


    Each VLAN uses the virtual IP of the firewall as their gateway (and for DNS):


    I am also using pfBlockerNG with a DNSBL IP address (accessible from all VLANs) to sinkhole ad domains:


    When I resolve firewall.lan from any of the VLANs, I receive the DNSBL IP address of, however when resolving firewall.lan from each of the VLANs I want to receive the current gateway IP address of that VLAN.

    So, what I want to achieve is for example when resolving firewall.lan from VLAN101 I would receive the IP address of

    I have attempted to solve this problem using unbound views, for example:

    access-control-view: test
    name: "test"
    local-zone: "lan" inform
    local-data: "firewall.lan. 90 IN A"

    Which works as expected, however after setting this view I can no longer resolve any other hosts on the subnet.

    I can only resolve firewall.lan, but no longer resolve any other host on (such as nas.lan).

    Can somebody assist me to fix this issue?

    Is there a way to configure the unbound view to otherwise pass the request through so I can use the specific view, but also the dynamically registered users from dhcp?

    Thanks in advance

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