Transparent Bridge Help

  • Is there anyone out there that wouldn't mind giving me a quick rundown of the steps needed to make a 2.0 pfsense into a transparent bridge. So far I have gone to Interfaces -> (assign) -> Bridges and created a bridge between my WAN and LAN interfaces. I have also turned off NAT. Is there anything else I need to do?

    Thanks in advance

  • To what end?  Obviously you don't want a firewall with this setup?  What is your ideal traffic flow.  A diagram may help my understanding.  I'm not sure how will the bridge function is working.  It would seem that the bridge crashes on reboot loosing their DHCP information and server function.  I have tried bridging multiple LAN ports and the bridge can no longer access the internet after reboot.  You can see my work and the advice of others here.,12101.msg73547.html#msg73547

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