No traffic over IPSEC tunnel

  • I set up a tunnel to AWS (no BGP since that seems to be hosed on pfSense) using the pfSense generated config file from AWS. The tunnel is up (shows up on pfSense and AWS), but no traffic is flowing over it. The routing is set up on the AWS side, and from what I understand you don't need to set up a static route on the pfSense side if your phase 2 has the correct networks configured. My phase 2 is the LAN network for local and the CIDR network for the AWS side (

    Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I'm new to pfSense so I'm not even sure where to look to diagnose the problem. I read the IPSEC troubleshooting page on the wiki but couldn't find anything directly applicable. Right now I have a pass everything rule set up in the firewall for IPSEC, and this works for my mobile VPN users on the other tunnel I have set up.

    Thanks is advance…

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