Some protocol don't go through my IPSec VPN tunnel

  • I've a site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnel running for a while.  It's working mostly for the majority for my networking data.  I do noticed certain traffic don't work over the tunnel.  I work around the problem by running a RDP terminal on the other side of the tunnel to access the data.  For example:  HTTPS server will not over the tunnel while it works perfectly on the local network.  The error message from Chrome said the certificate is scrambled can't be read.  I thought the tunnel can pass everything between the sites.  It appears the tunnel encryption break things or I've missed configured the VPN.

    Any idea…anyone

  • Can you please provide any screenshots of logs and can you please provide the configs that you have done for p1 and p2 of IPSEC Tab. Just the HTTPS traffic are not working?

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