Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p 320GB, Intel Core i5 2400 2nd Gen 16GB DDR3 for Sym Gig

  • Hello All, So today I Went on ebay and purchased 2 Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p SFF 320GB, Intel Core i5 2400 2nd Gen 16GB DDR3 PC's one for my server and one for my PFSense to Replace my current PFSense which is a Older Dell Optiplex 740 With a AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+, that just doesn't seem to be getting the Job done now that I have a faster symmetric gigabit (940Mbps) connection (Speedtests send the CPU Usage through the roof)

    I Plan on taking the Intel Dual Port Gigabit PCI-e NIC out of my current box along with the other two PCI NIC's (that don't matter to me in the scheme of things as they're just for my Local VoIP Phone LAN) and putting it in this new lenovo machine and simply restoring a backup of my current PFSense config on a Fresh Installation. I have already done some tests In a virtual lab To see what issues may arise and I'm pretty confident I can seamlessly make the switch with a little bit of elbow grease.

    I Plan on using Onboard LAN in the new lenovo for my WAN Port connecting to my ONT for the Fiber connection and 1 of 2 ports on the Intel NIC Card for my LAN network and the other one for My fail over connection that exists on another ISP which is a DOCSIS Based provider (Cable Provider in Laymen's terms) vs my current config where the Dual Port Gig NIC is serving Both WAN Interfaces (The FTTH & the Cable Internet Connection) and the Onboard NIC is Serving my LAN

    So now that I've given a description on what I have and what I plan to do laid out I guess I'm just looking for opinions or possibly some re-assurance that I just didn't spend $300 for nothing, I'm expecting a performance boost I know NAT Rules and stuff can take a bit off your connection but right now I'm seeing a Loss of at least 200+Mbps with my current system. So do you guys think this new configuration will Suffice and get me closer to the Gig I am paying for? I am pretty confident I will see some improvement But I like to hear other peoples take on it.

    Oh and did I mention i'm going to re-dress everything with CAT6? That's probably a key piece of info as well :P

  • Overkill.

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