RAM Disk Settings caused boot failure

  • Hi,
      I have an APU1C4 and went to turn on "Use memory file system for /tmp and /var" under System / Advanced / Miscellaneous @ 2.4.3-RELEASE.

    However, after doing so my device would not boot.

    After trying to dig out my serial cable to find out why, i discovered that /var was out of disk space due to the default allocation of 60M not being enough.

    A quick check around the forum led me to edit /etc/rc.embedded via the shell and I upped that to 1G to get it to boot.  Turns out i needed close to 600M for the boot to work according to a df -h.

    My question is, how would i have known how much space i needed prior to reboot? Why are the defaults too low?

  • Anyone?

  • Seeing as nobody knows i eventually found the answer - if you goto Status\System Logs\Settings and look at the section titled "Log file size (Bytes)" you will see how many MB your logs are using there.

    There really should be a cross check here to make sure if you chose to log to memory that there will be enough available to boot.

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