Unable to connect

  • So ive just started with this whole pfsense thing and i am getting quite confused.
    So i have 2 routers now. The first one is from my ISP It runs internet and TV trough the house to multiple switches it gives out 192.168.2.X IP's , then i have my second one (the pfsense router) connected on ESXI with a one adapter configured to recieve internet from my router ( that my ISP provided me, and one to go to a switch that connects my other servers to it (192.168.1.X). now if i'm connected on a VM that is connected to the pfsense router ( i can connect to the web interface and the other servers fine, but as soon as i try to connect from my pc ( i cant access the web interface and my Vsphere client for my other servers.

    Does anyeone have an idea as to how i can solve this

    kind regards,

  • By default, you cannot connect to WebGUI via WAN, only LAN.  If you want to enable WebGUI from WAN, see this:


    Also note you should edit your WAN interface (Interfaces - WAN) and uncheck the Block private networks and loopback addresses option.

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