Understanging floating rules

  • Hi all, I'm reading documentation and testing floating rules.
    The may greatly simplify my tasks!
    My pfsense has 2 wan nic(s).
    The are configured as gateway group in failover and it works fine.
    Then I have 3 nic(s)
    LAN  (vlan 1)
    LAN4 (vlan 2)
    LAN6 (vlan 6)
    LAN8 (vlan 8)
    I also created a group named AllLan with those nic(s).

    I disables the default LAN rule and created a new floating rule with the same paramters:
    Action: pass
    Quick: checked
    Interface: AllLan
    Direction: In
    Address Family: ipv4
    Protocol: any
    Source: any
    Destination: any

    Advanced / Gateway: MyGatewayGroup

    It works!
    I have no other rules on the other LAN interfaces.
    So what's wrong?
    Usualy to be able to resolve names by pfsense, I had to add a rule.
    (On my client, the nameserver is pfsense).
    Nontheless, I can access pfsense web interface also from the other LAN networks.
    Only LAN interface has the anti lockout rule (not LAN4, LAN6, LAN8).

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