"There are no packages currently installed." after update to 2.4.3-RELEASE

  • The update seemed to run OK, but: After reboot, I discovered that Squid and some other services were down. A moment after all packages had been uninstalled!
    Firewall rules (those not related to pfBlockerNG) are still there, but it looks like all packages have just been uninstalled as part of some "cleanup" after reboot.
    I am running pfSense on a PC with a i5-7500 CPU, 16GB RAM and M2 SSD and this is the first time I have had any surprises after update.
    The setup has been running 300Mbps in/out with no problems at all and has never been near the limits on neither RAM nor disk usage.

    Update: I just reinstalled some of the packages and poof!, config as it was, service running (at least my APC UPS package and the pgBlockerNG).
    Maybe the packages are running, but the dashboard is unable to display any info?

  • After 2.4.3 upgrade ran its course on my APU2 (and I did the upgrade from the console so I could see all the phases), I noticed the dashboard had an error for the NUT package status.  I had noticed that during the upgrade, then NUT package was referenced (although I didn't record the details).  After a bit more looking around, I found that the NUT processes weren't running.  An additional clean reboot was all that was needed to bring everything back to normal.

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