Dashboard not auto-refreshing

  • Running 2.4.3 on SG-2440.  Connected to webgui with iMac running Safari.
    If I leave webgui running and the iMac goes to sleep, when I wake it up the webgui does not update.
    I have to manually refresh and then all is fine until it sleeps again.

    I don't recall this being an issue prior to v2.4.3

    Is this a known issue or is there a setting I need to look into?

  • Developer Netgate

    Not an issue I know of. Suggest you try some different browsers.

  • Thank you.  I guess in addition to pfSense being updated, the iMac & Safari were updated in last few weeks also and maybe that has caused this to start happening.

    I'd rather not add another browser to my system so I'll just make do with a dashboard refresh instead.

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