2.4.3 update from 2.4.2 graphs and bandwidth problem

  • Hi everyone… first post...

    Was running fine with 2.4.2 release...

    updated to 2.4.3 and my wan graph is showing double the traffic it should, another graph will ocasionally show inverted.

    the other major thing is bandwidth is stuck at 160kbps.. yes...

    since i started using pfsense, i have a bridge between 2 interfaces, that was not much issue...

    i tried resetting to defaults and applying a backup (from the ok working image), also started from scratch and making the same bridge... same problem... 160kbps

    im about to format and reinstall 2.4.0, i see different issues on the net with this release (2.4.3)

    running on P4ht/1Gb ram/40Gb HDD/ 1 integrated + 2 pci nic

  • Netgate Administrator


    …stuck at 160kbps.. yes...


    That slow I would suspect some major conflict somewhere. Are you able to test it without the bridge in place?

    Check the interfaces for speed/duplex errors in Status > Interfaces.


  • Everything seems fine… speed gave me issues but with a Ubiquiti AP if slected fulldx speed instead of auto..

    i just tried without the bridge... same thing... going to install 2.4.2 from scratch and see if it makes any difference.

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