XG-7100, Some Qns

  • Very seriously considering buying this & if I do, then likely some related extra services & accessories,

    Ultimately want it to seamlessly fail-over to 4G/LTE, in the event my DOCSIS 3.x cable service goes down (Telstra/Australia).
    Also want it to load-balance/aggregate our main link, a 4G/LTE one, & possibly a (x)DSL link &or a 2nd 4G link longer-term.
    So as to considerably bump down/up speeds, lower latency etc, for certain applications where our cable service just isn't cutting it.

    Our current max speed down IIRC = 100MBPS & up IIRC = 2MBPS (will double-check this later).
    It may be bumped considerably soon though, once the National Broadband Network is finally lit-up in this area:
    We want to run VPN on this….

    I was going to get the SG-8860 way back when, or possibly a clone build of it...
    But it seems this is now the successor & the SG-8860 is EOS & hence, much closer to EOL than the XG-7100.

    How much "better" is it than the SG-8860???
    Trying to decide if it's better to get it, or build a C2758-based clone of the SG-8860.
    Since you no longer offer the SG-8860 for sale…
    And even if it can still be found markedly less than the XG-7100, not sure it'd be worth it -given it's more limited support LT?

    And is it possible yet, to build a "clone-like" system using the same (or similar) basic guts as the XG-7100?

    I notice the C3xxx series goes much higher than C3558 being used for the XG-7100 e.g. C37xx, C38xx, C39xx.
    Maybe even building a clone system based off one of the higher nomenclature C3xxx MB's is the way to go?

    I see that Lanner, SuperMicro, & Others have several offerings that come "close" to the XG-7100 in terms of hw used.
    What sort of dramas would I have if I just do more of a clone build, using them as the basis?

    I read somewhere C3xxx support is only added to Netgate devices, & still at least 2-mths away from coming to all C3xxx devices.
    Will that support only be for the C3558 used by the XG-7100, or all C3xxx based devices?

    I'm erring more towards the XG-7100, as I'm aware of the inherent benefits of going that route, & the good impact it has on the community.
    But I want to know all of my options at this time, or in the not to distant future, as it's certainly not an impulse buy!
    Especially here in Oz, thanks to the conversion to AUD, & the fact that VAR's here will sell it for way more than it's sold for elsewhere.

    Also getting a very powerful NAS; one of the top-end QNAP RU's, though I "may" still roll my own.
    It could easily do double-duty as my pfSense device, but I prefer dedicated/discrete devices. :)

    I can PM you my phone number in Oz if it's quicker/easier to just chat on the phone?
    But I do kinda like having everything in writing, so I can go back over it all etc.

  • Galactic Empire Netgate Administrator

    All 5 of your questions have been answered in the ticket you opened with the sales department.


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