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  • I have two pfsense systems, one running 2.4.2 for my home network and another running 2.4.4 development for a test network. They have completely separate traffic. I've noticed that the traffic graphs don't appear to correspond with the values displayed beside the graphs. Usually, the values of the graphs are higher than the sum of the values displayed beside the graphs, occasionally substantially higher. Sometimes the graph is non-zero, but there are no hosts showing traffic. This seems to be the case for both versions of pfsense.

    The method used to derive the graphs and the displayed values does not appear to make sense. If the displayed values are supposed to be an average over a period of time, it should be possible to select the duration. Also, it would be very useful to be able to filter the hosts for which the traffic is graphed and displayed.

  • Hi,

    Did you find what was happening with your system? It also happens the same with me on any pfsense version

  • I am experiencing similar behaviour in Ver 2.3.4. It is one of the reasons I am desperately trying to upgrade to 2.4.4.

    Looking at the new The pfSense Book ( - now freely available it seems) there may be explanations for what is going on. On page 596 it describes how the source data for the traffic graphs are broken into six components. This may shed light on your (our?) obsevations.

    I am looking forward to getting to grips with the graphing capability in 2.4.4. (Hint: I am looking for help in the “Installation and Upgrades” discussion forum with my upgrading problem)

  • Thank you Bruce.
    I can tell you that in version 2.4.4 it isnt fix it, I already have that version and still with the same issue.

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