PfSense kernel panics with Intel NIC

  • I have a Dell PowerEdge R210ii with an Intel E10G42AFDA PCIe NIC. It's running pfSense 2.4.3.

    When I have a non-Intel transceiver in one of the SFP+ slots, the card refuses to detect it citing incompatibility. I found some posts stating you have to recompile the driver to disable that check, and it looks like that process is not easy on pfSense. The Intel compatibility list does, however, include any standards-compliant DAC cable. So I plugged in one of those. But now when I boot it with the cable plugged in (or boot it without the cable plugged in, plug it in, and try to configure an IP on that interface), it kernel panics. So maybe there's just an issue with the driver? Does anyone have any experience with this / suggestions of things to try?

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    Boot a vanilla FreeBSD 11.1, if it shows the same problems report it to the FreeBSD developers. If not create a ticket on

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