Configure NUT to only monitor and do nothing?

  • I have a UPS not supported by NUT that I have configured with APCUPSD.

    By monitoring APCUPSD through NUT, I can view the neat UPS Status widget in the Dashboard.

    However, I'm not sure how to configure NUT so that it doesn't take any action when going on battery.

  • You cannot configure NUT such that it will not attempt to perform a shutdown. You could configure a shutdown command that doesn't do anything by adding the following line in the "Additional configuration lines for upsmon.conf" section:

    SHUTDOWNCMD /bin/echo

    Note however that NUT will still do everything but shutting down the system, including shutting down any slaves. I'm also unclear on how NUT will behave following the attempted shutdown. You may have to restart the service.

    In general however, I would not recommend the approach of trying to split the UPS between apcupsd and NUT. If you want NUT's monitoring, use NUT for the shutdown.

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