Hardware for FQ-Codel on a 400/30 line.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Trying to right size some hardware for a firewall running fq_codel on a 400/30 line. Would the SG-3100 pull it off, or do I need someone more like an i3/i5 (or more)? Can someone with first hand experience using fq_codel successfully on a 400mbps stream comment on their hardware setup. Coming from ubnt, I am acutely aware of the additional power needed to run traffic shaping (and other services).

  • I've got a fq_codel running on a symmetric gigabit fiber connection using a Xeon D-1518 based setup.  Works great (maybe even a bit too much power), so i3/i5 should be fine in your case.  Also make sure you get high quality Intel based network cards/interfaces on the system.  Hope this helps.

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