SG-3100: all communication dropped when enabling 802.1q VLAN mode

  • Hi,

    Trying to implement some suggestions from the forum for configuring a VLAN on port #2 of the SG-3100 device, I understood that first I have to "Enable 802.1q VLAN mode" in order to change port settings (indeed: I cannot change any port settings under Interfaces/Switch/Ports). However, as soon as I enabled this option (with the default settings that are set in my current version 2.4.3-RELEASE) all communication is dropped. Using the console mode I could restore the latest backup and get back into the device.

    My intention is to have (besides the current LAN) a VLAN.
    I have been able to configure pfSense in the past using a managed switch but now I would like to use the extra LAN ports on the device for this.

    Unfortunately there is no info in the SG-3100 manual for these settings…

    Any step-by-step advice?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    First off, configuring a switch you are connected to is going to be painful.

    Configure OPT1 with another network numbering scheme, firewall rule, and possibly DHCP server and connect to that.

    Then you can configure the switch without worrying about getting locked out.

    Then see this thread:

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