Two Novembers in RRD graphs.

  • Just noticed some strangeness in the RRD graph labels on a 1.2 system. Checked a couple of different machines and it seems present in both full and embedded installs.
    When looking at the RRD graphs, the six month view looks like:
    The year view looks like:

    Checked a 1.2.2 full install (upgraded) and a fresh 1.2.2 embedded, and the labels are the same- two Novembers.

  • I found that I've two October in one of my pf…
    I'll look at the others...


  • We've heard of this before, I've never seen it on any of mine. It's strange, there isn't anything in pfSense that tells rrdtool what months to display, it handles that all on its own.

  • So I think it`s an rrd tool related bug…

    It's the latest versione of rrdtool?

    We should post this info to the developers of rrdtool?

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