[solved] maximum of interfaces for DHCP Server?

  • I've activated my 8th physical NIC as an Interface in PFsense, named it 'VIDEO' and configured a static ipv4.
    the previous 7 interfaces are selectabe in DHCP Server for configuration.

    Unfortunately, the 8th Interface it is not shown (and not selectable) from the DHCP Server configuration. (IPv4)
    BTW, the WebUI for Firewall configuration is the shown the link for firewall rules of the new 'VIDEO'-Interface. (so my assumption is, that the

    Is there any limitation on amount of Interfaces for the DHCP Server WebUI in PFSense?

    Mea cupla!
    IF will sort out if, no static IPv4 or subnet >=31.

    in conclusion: there is NO maximum reached!

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