Dedicated Management Interface Routing Conflict

  • I'm wondering if it's possible to setup a dedicated
    PFsense management interface that bypasses static routes on the
    LAN Interface.

    Here's my setup.

    Layer 3 switch with 3 VLANs & Intervlan routing enabled.

    VLAN 10(Servers)     SVI: /24
    VLAN 20(Workstations)    SVI: /24
    VLAN 30(Management)    SVI: /24
    Routing Port(Internet Access):  /30

    All internet destined traffic from the VLANs is routed to the PFSense LAN Interface.
    ip route

    PFSense box has (3) Nics.
    (1) WAN Interface goes out to ISP: Public IP

    (2) LAN Interface ( connected to the routed port on the switch:
        Static routes are setup on the PFSense LAN interface to route traffic back to GW: for
        VLAN 10: (Servers)
        VLAN 20: (Workstations)
        VLAN 30: (Management)

    (3) Opt1 Interface: (Conflict)

    I would like to use Opt1 as a dedicated PFSense Mgmt Port
    assigned to VLAN 30 with IP:
    Does not need Internet Access.

    Everything works fine.
    But I can't assign PFSense Opt1 Interface IP: because it conflicts
    with the static route on the PFSense LAN interface.
    Is there any way to get around this & assign the Opt1 an IP in VLAN 30(Management)?

  • No, that's not possible.
    You may delete the route for VLAN 30, then you are able to assign VLAN 30 to OPT1. But if you do so, traffic destined to that VLAN goes out on OPT1.

  • That's unfortunate to hear.
    Okay. Thanks for the clarification.

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