DNS issue causes server to be unreachable after starting pfSense service.

  • Hi all, recently i have setup a new PFsense, but unfortunately somewhere in the middle i realized my server's connection failed, and became unreachable. A manual restart is then required in the DC.

    When we try to start the server again and study the log, we realized this error.

    and I went online and do some research and found out it could be the DNS is giving some issue. May I know have anyone encountered this issue and how can I clear the changes before I boot the pfsense again to avoid server unreachable error?

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    What server's connection failed? Something behind the firewall?

    That looks like a failure of that server to resolve names.

    So what are that server's configured name servers?

    Why couldn't they resolve names at that particular time?

    Is pfSense even involved in DNS in your environment?

    Was there some sort of outage at the time?

    Looks like that server should be more resilient against temporary failures. They can and do happen from time to time, through no fault of anyone (pfSense included).

  • Hi, that is what I am wondering. Why a pfSense installed on a VMware on the server will cause this issue.

    Regarding the server setup, I am not very sure cause is not done by me. Is there a way I can remove some of the settings on PFsense before I boot up the FreeBSD / PFsense?

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    You answered none of my questions and simply blamed pfSense.

    DNS has to be correct pfSense or not.

    Those questions were not just time-fillers. They are pointed so we get the information we need to possibly help you or - better - maybe they'll point you in the direction necessary to help yourself.

    If you do not understand how the flow of DNS queries is supposed to work - so you can, in turn, figure out why they are not working - you should probably consider hiring someone who does.

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