Traffic shapper giving priority to rdp

  • Hello everyone,

    Here's my scenario. Branches connected to HO through  OpenVPN.

    At branches we have 3Mbps leased line. The users rdp to server at HO through vpn (configured in pfsense firewall at both end).

    Due to heavy internet usage by guest at the location the rdp users don't get bandwidth. I would like to give priority to rdp users.

    I have few questions :

    For my usage, a simple PRIQ traffic shapping on WAN would be enough.

    I'll give highest priority to rdp.

    Is there any thing I need to take care. As the box is already running on site… I don't want to messup things.

    Any suggestions.


  • The Traffic Shaping forum would be a better place to ask.

    You have it right.  PRIQ is simple and it's easy to just give 3389tcp/udp priority.

  • Thank you KOM. I know it should go to Traffic Shaper Forum. But I always found this forum to be much faster in response :)

    If I  give highest priority to rdp then all the other traffic including that from vlan on same lan will get less priority.

    Also there is a 2nd wan through which policy based traffic is passed. So I need not apply traffic shaping to it.

    So I need to use wizard with 1 wan and do rest of the settings.

    I am sorry if I am sounding quite trivial.


  • Try it and see how it works for you.  The method is correct.

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