How do I control which interface a Ping request goes out on?

  • Hi,

    I have a standard multi-wan PFsense setup, two separate DSL connections, one with a public fixed IP and one with a private 192.168 IP because of the modem that came with the line. I have a load-ballance gateway and two failover gateways, one for each connection.

    The question is this: how do I insure that when I'm pinging an IP to see if each line is up, the Ping request goes to the correct gateway? It seems like when one line is down, it will sometimes be incorrectly marked as up because of a received reply to ping requests. Is there any way to insure that pings to a certain IP get routed to the correct gateway? I'll put in a firewall rule if I have to, but I would think that there might be a better way.



  • When you define the monitor IP for a WAN there is automatically a static route createdfor this IP to the correct gateway.

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