• So here is an odd one. I have DDNS setup on pfsense 2.4.2 using No-IP. Somehow it has updated to the ip address of my cell phone  :o and not the WiFi ip address but the actual Cell phone ip address. Any ideas how this happens?

  • You're not bridging your pfSense firewall to your cell phones hotspot are you?

  • Nope

  • More information please.

    Who is your ISP?

    What method do you use to get your internet connection?

    Generally around here cell phones are in a big NAT and get an address in private space..  my case my stuff gets 100.x.x.x

  • I am working with No-IP support now, but I think it's because I had the No-IP app on my Iphone that it updated the DNS. I have removed the app. I thought the app was just to monitor my ip address didn't know it would make updates. Waiting to see what support has to say.