UPNP on different networks

  • I decided to play around with two pfsense routers and put them both on my home network.  One is my main router connected to the internet and the other is directly connected to it with the firewall turned off.  I went ahead and put my access point on the second one and my wired computers on a switch connected to the first.  The only problem with this is that my PS3 is wireless and my UPNP Mediatomb server is on the wired network.  How can I get the UPNP to go from one network to another?  I see that you can add multiple interfaces to UPNP on the same router, but how do you get them to communicate.

    Also the second router is unable to send UPNP signal out through the WAN port because of security risks and that is the port I use to connect the two routers.  Does anyone know if I were to readjust everything and have a regular interface I can send the UPNP through and connect the two routers there if they would communicate the information?

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