How to control Internet download manager (IDM) Downloading problem?

  • Hi,

    Can you help us. What should i do this IDM can download heavy files Can effect over thousands of subscribers everyday… :'( :'(
    if there is a settings can control or any options can limit like " SLOW, MEDIUM, HIGH". pls help this issue or show me configuration.


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    Internet download manager? Guess their doing torrents with it vs just multipart http downloads.

  • yes john, internet download manager. i can't control that  software. i'll try to limit the speed the upload and download but still no effect.

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    Are they doing torrents or multipart http?  Or both?

    How did you try and limit?

  • see the picture below sir john.

    Both torrents and idm sir john. Without squid configuration but in the services of captive i always put limit but i dont know why graphs still high usage bandwithd.

    everytime when i see the graphs of pfsense very high consume bandwithd becuse of that software.

    there is any options to control idm & torrents or i will force to create squidcache or I will buy equipement like UTM router, mikrotik etc like that.

    What is your suggestion sir john?

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    Ok so your trying to use captive portal to limit bandwidth.  So lits see your captive portal settings do you have this enabled?

    This is not enabled out of the box, etc.

  • see my picture below that's my configuration.

    yes sir john is already set since 2012 until  now 2018.  what i have observe the latest update of pfsense is they same issue. if you have time sir john you can try it, just try to limit on captive portal and then you can downloads heavy file like movies using idm then see the graphs.

    i think sir john  idm is like a hacker of bandwithd right? i dont know if pfsense can control this:)

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    So your saying that before you updated to 2.4.3 this worked to control bandwdith using captive portal bandwidth controls, what version were you on before you updated to 2.4.3?

  • i mean sir john  Before  i will use 2.2 version but until now 2.4.3 is not worked to controls idm downloading only idm. how to find solution sir john. all the settings i try to exploring to control idm but i have no idea to find the solutions. :D

  • When "Per-user bandwidth restriction" is set on a Captive portal instance, all traffic is limited, not only this "idm".

    Locked mine to 2 Mbits/sec dpwn, 0,40 Mbis up : works.

  • yes sir john, Per-user bandwidth restriction is set on a Captive portal instance and using speed test is effective all traffic is limited, But if you try downloads as you can like  movies or any files size up to 1gb or 2gb using IDM then try to see the graphs or top 1-10 users status>traffics graphs>LAN will be high usage bandwithd. try it only one user.

    If you have to limit 2 Mbits try to observe the graphs sir john. that's the reason can suffer all the subscribers connected on the pfsense server.

  • Just activated the Captive portal also on my LAN.
    Limited to 500 Kbit/sec up and down.

    Netflix didn't work anymore - windows update was slow - surfing was slow - downloading an upgrade for my Diskstatin was sooooo slow.
    A speedtest indicates +/- 500 up/down max.
    The pfSense Traffic Grapher indicates 500 Kbit/sec up and down max (per user).

    Note : I do not have "thousands of subscribers" - are these all your pfSense captive portal visitors ?
    I have 30 users connected max at all time.

    Btw : my clients/visitors use a Captive portal on OPT1, not LAN.

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    500Kb would be like watching paint dry..

    Please show us a speed test being limited, and then whatever graph your looking at showing a specific user is exceeding this limit.

    If you have multiple users all using 500Kb.. then sure a few users and you can max out your 2Mb pipe, etc.

    How many users, what is your internet speed?

  • yes very effective, if you are limit the captive portal but the problem is everything so slow. I didn't see the problem were cause. for now today i handle three  corporate company's in different ares. every company there is 400 subscribers. everyday i will monitor and to fix the bugs and error to maintain smooth connection. every company there is 200 MB to serve the community. I think very thankful because many subscriber can appreciate  my setup using pfsense I'm very proud of them..

    I hope this issue  well fixed.I don't know idm is my biggest problem today for my daily monitoring.

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    400 x 512Kb = 200MB..

    Why would anyone use that?  Can get on my phone and 40Mbps even in crappy location.  Why would want to use a connection that is 500kb?

    Corporate?  Why do they not control what devices can connect to the corp network?  Users doing such things would be fired, etc.

    So the captive portal is working fine for bandwdith control.. You just need a fatter pipe…

  • Yes sir john. Different subscribers i have this:

    everything is fiber which is speed of light what speed transmit the receive is they same speed right?
    I have FTTH (fiber to the home) in every household and different areas.

    so the upload is  all of  theme is open for the corporate only because more on sending email, posting photos, uploading files etc. while the download you have to limit specially saving bandwidth.

    which is  download is for opening web page, receiving email, watching online videos. etc.

    and also  the residential subscribers you have to limit of theme.

    single user (1pc): upload –---->512 KB | Download-----> 1024
    offices (maximum 6cpc): upload ------>open bandwidth | Download-----> up to MB upgrade
    Internet cafe (maximum 20 pc): upload ---------->Mb | Download------------->Mb
    Corporate (maximum 50 pc): upload ------>open bandwidth | Download-----> 4 MB

    sir john this is right to limiting bandwidth?
    what is your suggestion?

    "all of that Disturbing IDM"  :'(

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