• Hi!

    I have a small problem with my pfSense
    if I try to ping anything and I mean anything.
    I will even ping 3jsdczgä£$€d and the the pfSense box routes me to my Global IP and answers
    even the known hosts I have on the inside it ignores and sends me to the Global IP !?
    I think I need to reinstall it if I don't get a good hint how to fix it.
    any body?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If your client is set to use some public global dns, that is on your client..  Did you change the dhcp server settings to point to some other dns other than pfsense IP?

  • ill have to check !
    i cant remember att the moment
    ill get back later
    thanks :-)

  • –-------------------------
    in SystemGeneral Setup I have
    1: my 2012R2 ADDS

    DHCP server

    Subnet mask
    Available range -

    DNS Server 1 BLANK
    DNS Server 2 BLANK
    DNS Server 3 BLANK
    DNS Server 4 BLANK


    DNS Server 1
    DNS Server 2
    DNS Server 3 BLANK
    DNS Server 4 BLANK

    NTP Server 1

    this is all i can find

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    Your running AD in your network - why would you even run dhcp on pfsense in such a setup?

    What does ipconfig /all show on one of your windows clients?

    on the dhcp server in pfsense it states

    "Leave blank to use the system default DNS servers: this interface's IP if DNS Forwarder or Resolver is enabled, otherwise the servers configured on the System / General Setup page."

    Out of the box pfsense is resolver, and you should have nothing setup in general for dns.

  • I just thought it was better to have the pfsense take care of the DHCP
    the AD is only handling DNS for the domain
    in my head, it was easier to make VPN connections to the pfsense and let it handle all DHCP and NAT to the servers on the DMZ and LAN this way
    yes it is possible I am doing it wrong
    hell, I am I cant get it to work :-)
    the thing is that I have the same setup at work and there it is working 1 :-( :-)

    The AD is a virtual machine on a freebsd VM A10-7850 machine and I am running the pfsense on a DL360G7
    should I convert the 360 to the domain server instead? and then run pfsense as a virtual on the freenas server?

    what should i do?

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    Here is the thing if you have a AD server you have zero use for dhcp and or dns on pfsense.  Just plain fact.. All members of your AD should point to your AD for dns.  If you want you can point your AD to pfsense if you want it to resolve for you public stuff, etc.

    What hardware or where you run your VMs would be up to you.

  • ok, Thank you for your help:-)!
    I will start over with the installs and machines

  • I give up :-(
    I cant get it to work

    i have removed all servers from the network
    I only have the pfSense with DHCP

    i removed all clients that was on the AD
    i have 2 pc's that are running win 10
    gets a IP from pfSense
    i can not ping the hostname pfSense sends me to the outside
    if i ping anything i just imagine it also sends me to the outside global ip and resonds

    this is a fresh install
    i havent done anything but the dhcp settings
    no DNS settings
    what am i doing wrong ?

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    "i can not ping the hostname pfSense sends me to the outside"

    Lets see the ipconfig /all of your client.

    out of the box pfsense resolves.  And hands its dhcp clients itself for dns..