• This isn't a question but im so happy with the turnout of my new hardware I figured I'd post about it in case anyone was having thoughts about what they should buy for a relatively cheap home setup.

    Recently bought two Lenovo M91p SFF Intel Core i5-2400 Machines and Upgraded them to 16GB of DDR3 Ram I'm using one for my PFSense and one for my server and they are AMAZING! low power little machines, you cannot go wrong and they're small enough to wall mount if that is something you wanted to do, so if you are not in the market for actual PFSense Hardware and are looking for a solid relatively cheap machine go with this! you won't regret it  :D

    For add in network cards it has a PCI-E and two Standard PCI Slots.

    Again, just so happy with the way this turned out figured id post about it :)

    Here's a Speedtest:

  • I like upbeat posts  ;D