A general question \ s about OpenVPN in PFSense.

  • I currently have PFSense set up correctly and everything is routing as I believe it should but I have a VPN subscription to one of the major players and I'm curious if their is any benefit too using PFSense with my VPN Subscription.

    Is this possible.

    As I'm using PFSense, is their any security features like the OpenVPN what I could utilize. Is this compatible with my current sub.

    I'm positive I read that the OpenVPN is for a network on the LAN side of things so for incoming connection.. Would that be correct.

    My VPN sub, would I be able to combine the two possibly.


  • You can also run an openvpn client on pfSense to connect to any openvpn service.
    It is to set up in VPN > OpenVPN > Clients.

    Many VPN providers also provides tutorials how to set up a vpn client for their service in pfSense.

  • Galactic Empire

    I had a play with Nord VPN for a while, using my router and connecting via their app on my iDevices :-


    I used to change the SSID for my Smart TV connected to point it to a Nord routed subnet.

  • At the minute I have my VPN set up on my Home Computer. Can you see or do you know of any conflicts if I were to have PFSense set up with the VPN and with my VPN Provider.

    I'm curious if their will be any problems occur . I was just looking at my VPN Providers web site and they support this config set up with PFSense.

  • By default vpn providers pushes the default route to the clients, so that all upstream traffic is routed over their vpn.
    So if you computer tries to connect to the vpn this won't work, cause the connection request will come already from inside the vpn. But if you don't establish the vpn on the computer there should be no trouble with that and traffic should be routed over the vpn.