Requesting help, trying to route between LAN IP Alias on 2nd subnet and OPT1.

  • Interfaces:

    SERVERLAN (primary) (Virtual IP / IP Alias)


    Connectivity between & is working

    A client on can ping: (PFSense - gateway for this subnet) (PFSense - gateway for server primary subnet) (PFSense - gateway for the server IP Alias subnet)

    What seems broken is server connectivity to the gateway:
    Server can ping via interface on server primary subnet: (the client) (PFSense client gateway) peer servers - primary interface (bond0) same peer servers on secondary interface that goes to IP Alias subnet (bond1)

    But servers cannot ping PFSense gateway for IP Alias subnet…  Nor anything that it would route to, obviously.

    Both of these server subnets need to be routable to the client subnet.  The goal here is to send the majority of traffic over the primary server gateway to the client, but some special traffic needs to be segregated to be between the server IP Alias subnet and the client.  But first step is to get the servers able to ping the IP Alias.

    Config available upon request.  Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Seems if I create a virtual gateway with that vip, that's when that vip becomes unpingable by the servers.  I have to remove that gateway, and re-apply the vip for it to be reachable again.

    So now that I can ping it, I need it to route for me.  What am I missing?

  • No one routing a virtual ip subnet from one LAN to another, eh?