Vodafone Business Fiber settings for pfSense

  • Hi

    Does anyone have UK Vodafone Business Fiber working with pfSense? Is it using PPPoE? or StaticIP?

    So its Huawei HG612 > pfSense > Network Switch

    I have my username and password sent to me already.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Almost certainly PPPoE unless their business product is significantly different.

    What instructions did they give you?

    What have you tried so far?


  • Hi

    Vodafone fiber in Portugal connects to a GPON device ( in bridge mode) using DHCP in Vlan 100 for data, DHCP Vlan 101 VOIP and DHCP VLAN 105 for IPTV.

    The default router info is router IP, vodafone/vodafone for user/pass.