• having problems installing 2.4.3 on a wyse/dell z90d thin client (amd G-T56N)
    4gb ddr3, 30gb kingston msata ssd in adapter

    i can install 2.3.5 from a fresh usb boot stick using the image thats available for download, and it installs without any problems.

    if i create a stick using the image for 2.4.3 (using rufus, the same as used for the 2.3.5), the client boots off the stick but then my monitor comes up with input not supported. have tried three different monitors, and have also tested the stick on two of my other computers to check it boots ok, which it does (i3 4140t and i7 3770s).

    Im using the pfSense-CE-memstick-2.4.3-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz download
    has anyone else had any problems like this, and has something changed from 2.3.5 to 2.4.3 in regards to the display output?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    2.3.x is based on FreeBSD 10.x, 2.4.x is based on FreeBSD 11.x, so lots of changes in between.

    It's possible your hardware or BIOS config doesn't like the 2.4.x memstick since it supports UEFI. There may be some option you need to change in the BIOS to work around that, or perhaps a BIOS update.

    You can, however, install 2.3.5 and then update to 2.4.3 from there if all else fails.

    Another suggestion, ditch Rufus and use Etcher.