Cant Access From Lan to Wan After Clean install

  • hello , after a clean installed of the pFSENSE
    need help please in setup of a lab on VMWARE Workstation,
    i setup a lab thats looks like that:
    LAN: 192.168.0.x WAN: 192.168.49.x , 2 VMS: 1 Windows 2012 Server With Acite Directory on, 2 a WINDOWWS 7 client of the DC, they both on VMNET2 192.168.0.x - then the Default Gateway of the win7 is the DC 2012 and on the R2012 the Default Gateway is the PFSENSE on the LEG on 192.168.0.x - the pfsense have a leg in the wan 192.168.49.x and there i have only one machine in VMNET3 WIN7 - I want to setup connection between the WIN7 in the 192.168.0.x and the WIN7 inside VMNET3 192.168.49.x (WAN) which NAT RULES SHOULD I DO? or just editing an static routes?
    thank you!

  • Netgate Administrator

    You don't need to have any NAT rules at all if you don't want/need them.

    The default settings will NAT all traffic from the LAN subnet to the WAN IP address and that should work there.

    You will have an asymmetric route if the LAN side WIN7 client is not using pfSense as it's gateway. Depending on what the Win server box is doing it may block traffic.