PfSense and IPTV IGMP Proxy Config

  • Hi all,

    My service is Cincinnati Bell 1GB FTTH with Fioptics IPTV. My issue is that my STB fails to initialize at all behind my pfSense router.

    I have been trying to make this work over the last two years without success.

    I recently purchased a Ubiquity Edge Router X as a test and using this:

    was able to get everything running in 5 minutes.

    Unfortunately I prefer and need other features that pfSense does much better. My frustration is that I now know of a working configuration that I seemingly cannot translate to pfSense.

    Others have tried to help but no configuration we have tried seems to work. I am hoping that someone here can look at the guide referenced above and be able to give me some direction as to how to successfully configure the same thing in pfSense.