Traffic Shape + Vlan2 e Vlan3 (LAN INTERFACE)

  • Hi All;

    I´ve read many posts but I didnt find one that could answer my question….

    I´ve got an LAN interface with 2 subnets (Vlan2 and Vlan3) in a trunk port of my switch. I need to use this configuration because I only have 3 NIC´s on my box (WAN+DMZ+LAN(Vlan2+Vlan3)). When I use the wizard to put rules on a connection like Vlan2-Wan all the rules are writen ritgh away. But I need to creat rules to my Vlan3-Wan connectio as well. If I use the wizard it will erease my rules for the other interface and add rules to the new one. I was wondering, could I use the wizard to write the rules to one interface and then, using those rules I mannualy add the same rules for the other Vlan? This configurtion will work?

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  • I thought the traffic shaper was limited to 2 interfaces only.

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