• Good afternoon, I have a Wi-Fi network with a ubiquiti UAP, it has the range, and my local network is at as I can access from my local network to the UAP.
    I appreciate your collaboration

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    You haven't asked a question that I can make out.

    Yes out of the box the lan would be able to connect to any other networks attached to pfsense since the default rule is any any.

  • yes. I made an interface with to be able to communicate and I place and I allow everything but even so I can not access my ubiquiti driver application

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    What's the subnet masks ?

    How is the AP connected to pfSense ?

    Multiple interfaces on pfSense ?

    VLANS on a switch that supports 802.1q VLAN tagging ?

    Draw a diagram.

  • I have a pfsense that protects me the lan network with the segment, from there I get to a swicth that distributes to my clients. from a port of that swicth I paste a simple tplink with wan from my lan, he throws me DHCP address for my UAP, and my clients connect by DHCP, normal.

    the problem is from my network to access that UAP with the IP that he acquires, I ping from my network and he answers me, but he does not pick me up the ubiquiti application driver

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    Draw a diagram… Break out the crayons if you must.

    If your going to have your AP on different network than your controller then you need to do Layer 3 adoption.

    This really has zero to do with pfsense.  I suggest you put your controller on the same Layer 2 as your AP this will solve your problem.

  • placing it in the same layer as my pfsense is complicated. because all my network is static IP. and the UAP must give DHCP connection to the clients. I made a Vlan and it did not work for me. adopt the UAP with fixed address, and the clients if they saw the wifi but could not navigate

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    I also suggest you ask your question in your native lang section… Having a hard time making out what your needing help with. Sorry.

    Same layer as your pfsense?  Do you understand the difference between layer 2 and 3?

    If you can not put your controller on the same layer 2 as your AP, then use Layer 3 adoption

    UniFi - Device Adoption Methods for Remote UniFi Controllers

    If you create a different networkf or your wifi - you have to create rules on this new network you create in pfsense.