• I have a unique situation, I was hoping to get some assistance with.

    We have use a web based portal, that can only be accessed from our internal network or via VPN.  We have a mobile application that has to access the web portal, but we are finding users keep forgetting to connect to the VPN, and thus have issues accessing it.

    To make it easier, I am trying to setup a reverse proxy that will setup connections from anywhere on a WAN port, and pass it thru to the LAN interface, that then will go thru our network to the web portal, then have the whole thing go back to the mobile device.

    I believe I am getting stumped at the reverse proxy, as I can connect to the firewall via the WAN port, and can get the squid error message, but it doesn't seem to hand off to the IP of the web app.

    Since it is not using SSL, I have http configured to connect on the proper port, and I have the Mappings configured to the peer, but nothing goes to the website.

    Any advice would be helpful.  In addition, if you need configuration information or anything, let me know.

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