• I'm getting IPV6 from my ISP through a 6rd tunnel. I set up one of my LANs to use track interface and it works well, IPV6 are assigned automagically and all devices pass the usual IPV6 tests.
    Now I was wondering if it's possible to statically assign IPs internally like I do with IPV4 so I can enforce FW rules for different IPV6 clients.

    I admit that I am not as familiar with IPV6 as I'd like so is there any tutorial or examples on how to setup DHCP6 on pfsesne?

  • Normally, IPv6 addresses are assigned via SLAAC, where the router provides the network prefix and the client device creates the suffix, using either the MAC address or a random number.  Those addresses will not change unless the prefix does.  You can filter on those addresses for incoming traffic.  However, you usually can't filter on the address for outgoing traffic, as something called privacy addresses are used, which will change daily.