Data usage Monitoring

  • Hi All,  :) :)

    I want to monitor all the data usages information of host computers and devices which are connected to PfSense and need to generate a report like a excel sheet or some sort of document each month/week etc.

    Please tell me what are the best packages that Pfsense has to get the job done.
    I have installed ntop and darkstat but non of them has the report generating option.  :( :(

    Best Regards,  :) :)

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    You want a network monitoring system. pfSense is a firewall, so not the right tool for this.

  • Hi Grimson,

    Thanks a lot for the reply!  :) :) :)

    But we can do install different packages to monitor the network right? like ntop and darkstat? but non of those have the option I need, where you able to get a report of the current usage and all  as a readable spreadsheet or something? Please help me on this!

  • Munin doesn't make Excel sheets neither (Excel does  ;))
    But it does work on pfSense.

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