[HA]CARP setup using a rather painfull setup

  • Currently I'm running 2VM's running pfSense to configure a HA setup.
    My current goal is to provide CARP VIP for both IPv4 and IPv6.
    MY ISP does limit my abilities to this with weird setup.
    I'm forced to reserve the static IPv4 by mac address, but as far as I can remember the carp mac changes regularely.
    IPv6 on the other side is reserved by DUID address meaning it only works on 1 host.

    Is there any way  to make the CARP VIP's mac static? Also can you possibly bypass the IPv6 issue?

    General things:
    Running ESXI 6.5 on both hosts.
    VM's run on vSwitches which have promicious mode enabled, mac changes allowed and forged senders allowed.

    Thanks to everyone willing to share any knowledge or helping me out.

    • Wraptor