WAN IP unreachable after DHCP change to different subnet

  • Ive got several (customer) boxes out in an area on the same ISP.  Some running 2.4.3  and two others 2.3.5p1

    ISP changed local subnet overnight from 24.113.x.x  to 172.92.x.x on all the affected boxes.

    The boxes all reach out to my system here via VPN connections so I was able to see them this morning just fine.

    But all the boxes had problems on their end due to their WAN firewall rules becoming invalid and not working.  I.E.  cameras, VPN from other sites into them  (dynamic DNS which updated fine)

    VOIP rules inbound also became invalid.

    Firewall logs show all attempts hit the firewall but were blocked.  I rebooted one of them and all was good.  Others were rebooted locally by staff on site.

    It seems that possibly a Filter Reload did not happen with the address change..  ??    I have a single DSL pppoe box there that seems to change weekly and we never have issues with the inbound rules for the cameras when it changes..  And I do not recall changes in the same subnet for these cable system customers ever having issues before.. Just the change to a completely different subnet seems to have caused the issue.

    All modems are bridge only devices with public IP on pfsense WAN.

    This is what you get though when you choose a residential grade service labeled "commercial" over true commercial offerings..  Are you listening WaveBroadband??  At least our fiber people keep us in the loop for such changes..

    /rant    >:(