1 WAN and 2 GW in WAN

  • Hi!
    I have 2 ISP, in my router i have 1 WAN if and 1 LAN if.
    In WAN if i plug switch with 2 modems in bridge mode from ISPs.
    And each ISP have own GW.

    How can i do nat 1:1 with my situation?
    i wanna make give to my mail server internet, which give me my second ISP

  • With two Internet connections plus LAN you have to have 3 interfaces.

  • Or you could let your modems run in NAT mode, and 1:1 NAT on both to the pfSense.
    For outbound you could use the loadbalancer to the modems directly.

    But this is a dirty hack.
    cmbs solution is better.

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