Cant install from USB

  • Hello all,
    First let me say that my question is very easy but I am pulling my hairs of….

    I have installed PF sense a couple months ago from a USB stick to a HDD, in that time i was able to boot from the USB but was not able to install to the HDD until I found on google a command to type on the "dos" to invoke the installer and it worked fine.

    I now have to replace the HDD, and I boot from the same USB stick but just cant remember the "dos" command to invoke the installer, eve googled it for ours and searched the forum but cant find it.

    I believe it was something easy as: setup, or config, or pfsense, but cant remember. I am stuck and any help would be great

    Many thanks, for your patience and help

  • You may want to move this to the installation / Upgrades forum.

    Are you using the latest version of pfSense for the install? I just did an install a few weeks ago on a USB and once you boot up on the USB, the first menu you get should be:
    Rescue Shell
    Recover config.xml

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    All you do is boot it and it runs the installer automatically. Not sure what you're booting.

  • Are u running a machine with old bios that can't boot from USB?  'Cuz the standard method of using Rufus to create a bootable USB works like a charm, and Rufus is even a portable Win App meaning you just run the puppy wo even having to install it.

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