Special place to define kernel modules…

  • Hi.

    Please forgive the noobish question, but does pfsense have a location to define kernel modules that should be loaded? I know I could place such a define in /boot/loader.conf but I was more interested to learn if there's a location in pfSense itself (that would be picked up by backups / restores).

    If there's any curiosity as-to what I'm trying to do, I'm just enabling via padlock. I was playing around with it and noticed a marked improvement with my tested openssl speeds and anecdotal openvpn performance with the module enabled.

    Many thanks for a fantastic product.


  • Maybe by running kldload from <shellcmd>. You would still have to manually copy the files over initially and if you ever reinstalled from scratch, but upgrades won't remove that. loader.conf is subject to being overwritten during upgrades.</shellcmd>

  • I have done that much. The module comes with freebsd so I haven't had to install it per-se, it's just not loaded by default.

    I think you've answered my question, though. There is no place, right now, within pfSense to define module loading that will persist through upgrades.


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