No DHCP address on WAN interface from modem

  • I have a DSL connection here at home. Nothing special. With my Dlink or Linksys routers connected, setup for DHCP on the WAN interface, I get my address. With my PF sense box connected, I get nothing. No matter what I try. (Cables, restarting everything, even trying a second intel PRO nic and assigning the WAN interface to it.)

    However when I just plug the PFsense box into my normal network, it immediacy gets a DHCP address on the WAN interface. What am I doing wrong? Reading through the documentation now.

  • Well,
    I had to reconnect my old Linksys router, grab the IP/Gateway/DNS ect from it, assign a static IP in pfsense and it works.

    No idea why it wont get the address from my modem. Oh well.

  • 4 hours later it started to have issues, no internet, everything on my side looked good. I was about to reinstall my crappy linksys when I decided to allow DHCP on the WAN instead of a static address. Bingo. Got the address and internet works.

    What is going on???!? lol

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