Has anyone tried load balancing MySQL?

  • We are trying to load balance reads against two MySQL replicas and we are having problems.  The slaves are on a subnet connected to an OPT interface.

    When reads come from the WAN and go to the LB Virtual WAN IP it seems to work.  However, when we try to connect from the LAN interface, the connections cannot be made.  I see port 3306 going to the correct IP on the OPT subnet, but responses are not coming back.

    The slaves have web servers attached on eth0 to the LAN and MySQL attached on ETH1 to OPT.

    Any thoughts?  Ive tried various combinations of NATting without success.  What am I missing?



  • If the responses aren't coming back, it sounds like the servers are missing their default gateway or have it set to something other than pfSense.

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